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non tobacco cigarettes

Did you know that the first non-tobacco smokeless cigarette was patented in 1963? Herbert A. Gilbert, a young Korean war veteran who lived in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania and smoked 40 cigarettes a day, filed a patent for the first smokeless non-tobacco cigarette. The cigarette worked by heating a solution of nicotine to produce a steam, which replaced tobacco smoke with moist, flavoured air.

When it was discovered that cigarette smoking carried significant health risks, Gilbert began speaking with medical supply companies and tobacco companies about his smokeless non-tobacco cigarette. At this time almost 70 percent of males in Britain were smokers. Some companies he spoke with expressed interest; however, no one saw the potential that his invention truly had.

Almost half a century later, Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, began exporting his version of an electronic cigarette in the mid-2000s through his company Ruyan, which is translated as “Resembling Smoking”. This was the perfect time to introduce a smokeless cigarette as tobacco smoking was outlawed in public spaces.

The anti-tobacco charity, Action on Smoking and Health, abbreviated as ASH, requested YouGov to do a survey in 2013. The study found that the number of e-cigarette users tripled and 2.1 million people in the UK used e-cigarettes like the ones listed on Goldman Sachs has listed an e-cig as one of the top “creative destroyers.” The e-cig along with natural gas engines and 3D printing are expected to turn the market upside down. Furthermore, Goldman Sachs estimated that the annual sales of e-cigarettes globally will reach $10 billion within the next few years.

v revolution

Covent Garden’s V-Revolution is London’s first exclusive e-cigarette shop. Since it opened last may, it has seen a 90 percent increase in sales. In fact, the shop sells more than 50 reusable electronic cigarettes each day. The prices of these units (£25 to £90) varies based on the size and voltage of the e-cigarette. In addition to selling reusable e-cigarettes, the shop sells many bottles of e-juice. E-juice is a liquid mixture of flavorings, dilutants and nicotine used to create vapor. Finally, the shop reports that its Internet sales are booming.

Assistant manager Elizabeth Playle of V-Revolution says that electronic cigarette sales have really taken off. E-juice is available in a variety of flavors, including tobacco flavored e-juice that is similar to Camel, Marlboro Red and Chesterfield cigarettes. Additionally, e-smokers can enjoy a variety of flavors such as apple, pina colada, coffee, tropical fruits and berries. The cost of a 20ml bottle that is equivalent to 200 cigarette costs £7.99.

Playle’s assistant, Joelle Tabone, says that vaping in France is extremely popular. In fact, at least one shop is found in every small town in France. In addition to vape pens, there are disposable “cig-a-likes”, which resemble a tobacco cigarette. They have a puff equivalent of 30 cigarettes and can be purchased in corner shops and at chemists for approximately £7.

The electronic cigarette contains a battery that powers a minute heating element. The atomizer attaches to the mouthpiece and is refillable. The atomizer, also known as a clearomizer, disperses the scented vapor as you inhale, creating the effect of smoking a cigarette.

The e-juice comes in three different strengths of nicotine. Additionally, some devices allow users to control the voltage of the e-cigarette to vary the potency of the draw. Electronic cigarettes fulfill all of the sensations of smoking without the more than 70 carcinogenic chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.

Most of the users of electronic cigarette users are smokers. In fact, a study done by ASH found that two-thirds of e-cigarette users in the UK are smokers who wish to cut down or quit traditional cigarettes. The remaining third of the e-cig users have stopped smoking already. Nonsmokers make up 0.1 percent of the e-cigarette users.

Playle stated that the majority of V-Revolution customers are current tobacco smokers who want to stop smoking. In fact, some of them are switching to an electronic cigarette because of their doctors’ orders. She explains that they do not market electronic cigarettes as a healthy option as the best option is no smoking at all. However, if a smoker is told they must stop smoking, an electronic cigarette can make the difference and help them stop smoking traditional cigarettes.


E-cigarettes are a great and safe way to help you stop smoking. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 50 percent of smokers die due to cigarette smoking. Furthermore, six million people die annually as the result of smoking or second-hand smoke. However, there is a division in the public health community over e-cigarettes. Anna Gilmore, who is the director of the Tobacco Control Research Group at the University of Bath and UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies, says that many people consider e-cigs a miracle that will help them stop smoking. Others consider e-cigarettes dangerous because nicotine is addictive and believe that e-cigarettes will re-normalise smoking in society.

Gilmore states that electronic cigarettes appear to be less harmful than traditional cigarettes; however, there have not been enough long-term studies to see if electronic cigarettes pose a health risk.

Although the e-cigarette has taken the UK by storm and seems to be safe, users should talk with their physician to see if this is the best way to help them stop smoking. Some smokers have successfully stopped smoking using this product while others have not been as successful. There are a number of studies that show an electronic cigarette along with other coping mechanisms can help smokers stop smoking altogether.

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Leicester city footballLeicester has been associated with the clothing and footwear manufacturing trades for centuries. In fact, the city’s employment profile reveals that a large population (more than 23%) of the city workers are engaged in manufacturing. There are no longer any major industries in the city. A lot of employers are engaged in exporting clothes and shoes to Europe and Asia. While there are many small manufacturers in the area, none of them can be called a major employer. Many of the individuals working in manufacturing jobs are located outside the city.

Equity shoes is a rare survivor of the thriving shoe makers from the past. Their factory is located on Western Road. The company was established in 1886 and now employs around 150 workers producing high-quality boots and shoes for the European and American markets. They also have a specialist line of men’s dancing shoes. The factory produces about 5000 pairs of shoes per week.

Cute and Cuddly is one of the very few larger clothing manufacturers operating in Leicester. Their factory is located on Vulcan Road, which was considered the heartland of the traditional clothing industry in the city.

Aggregate Industries is considered the largest employer in the construction industry in Leicester. They are based at Bardon Hill near Coalville and produce and supply aggregate materials. Bardon Hill is situated over 10 miles to the northwest of Leicester. In fact, they extract sand, gravel, and rock from the regional and local quarries. Caterpillar is another company in the construction industry. They assemble small vehicles to be used in the construction industry at Desford which can be seen on their website.

Everards is a brewery that is now located at Narborough. It was founded in 1849 at Southgate Street in Leicester. It produces a local beer for Leicester drinkers. The venture is run as a family business and produces several other brews including the traditional Tiger and Beacon bitters. They are also well-known in the city as a producer of a wide variety of seasonal beers.

Alliance And Leicester Building Society has its main offices in Narborough, which employs several hundreds of people. The company is considered one of the larger retail and commercial banking companies in the United Kingdom. It is also a member of the FTSE 100 Index. The society was formed in 1985 by the merger of the Leicester building society and Alliance. The establishment became the first building society to purchase a clearing bank when it purchased Girobank in 1990. It became the company behind the “link” system of cash dispensers in England with this purchase. Alliance & Leicester has over 9000 people nationwide.

Fox Industries is located at Newtown Upthank. It is considered a major manufacturer of electrical power components in the United Kingdom. They produce most of the components such as complex filters, converters, and uninterrupted power supplies.

Creative Carpets at Quarry Lane, Enderby is a relatively new manufacturer in Leicester. They are often associated with Kidderminster in the West Midlands. They produce carpets for the UK market and take pride in using British wool in their products.

Jemsox Limited was established in 1970. They are famed for the hosiery and footwear they produce. It is the only major footwear manufacturer in Leicester today. Jemsox started out as Debonair in 1934 producing children’s socks from the then “cutting edge material” – Nylon. Now the factory is located at Welford Road in an old Victorian mill building. The company has started to extend its lines by launching a range of men’s socks under their original Debonair name.

dreamworld dancewearThere is a host of small clothing manufacturers that continue to do business in the city. These companies include Madhu Manufacturing, All Corporate Workwear, Gulwant S Bains, Raymond Chivers, Razi Khan, and Caroline M Stones. There are many other clothing manufacturers who have relocated out of the city. Bruntwood Company is an outdoor clothing specialist based in Hinckley.

Dreamworld is located in Ivanhoe Street Leicester. They specialize in dance wear clothing. They are considered an old established company in the area which produces dance clothing from ballet costumes and formal ballroom gowns. They are also famed for producing designs to order.

Fashionware Manufacturers Limited or FML was established in 1974. They are producing casual trousers and jeans from its Gypsy Lane factory. They produce more than 30,000 garments per week. The company also has manufacturing facilities in Tunisia and Morocco. The company is considered one of the larger employers in the clothing industry in Leicester.

Leicester also has so many companies that make up the service sector. Formation Records was founded in 1989, and its original record label became so popular. They signed in an emerging band – Oasis – for this record. The main office of Formation Records is on Charles Street in the City Center of Leicester City in the United Kingdom.

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location of the prostateDo you know the location of your prostate gland? This small gland is a part of a man’s reproductive system. It is located below the bladder. When the prostate gland becomes enlarged and is not cancerous, it is referred to as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, also known as BPH.When the prostate becomes enlarged, it normally does not cause any symptoms or problems. However, it can become so enlarged that it places stress on the urethra. Additionally, BPH can cause the bladder walls to become irritated and thickened. In fact, half of the men aged 60 or older suffer from an enlarged prostate gland. The number increases when men reach their seventies and eighties. It rises to a whopping ninety percent! There are several products on the market that can help with the symptoms of this problem. Super Beta Prostate and Prosvent are two such products. If you search online you will find some good reviews and some bad. Take a look at this information on Prosvent at

What are the Symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

When the prostate gland becomes enlarged, a number of uncomfortable urinary symptoms can arise. Many people believe that the size of the enlargement affects the symptoms; however, this is untrue. Many men with a very enlarged prostate may experience minimal symptoms while men with a slightly enlarged prostate may experience more problematic symptoms.

The most common BPH symptoms include urinary hesitation or trouble beginning to urinate, also known as hesitancy, increased frequency, increased urgency or nocturia, which is feeling the urge to urinate several times throughout the night. Men may also experience a weak or interrupted stream, leaking or dribbling. In addition to this, BPH sufferers may experience an increased number of urinary tract infections.

What are the Treatment Options for BPH?

Benign Prostatic HyperplasiaThe treatment of BPH depends on the symptoms. Sometimes, it requires no treatment and just needs to be monitored. At other times, treatment may be necessary. Additionally, if a urinary tract infection occurs that is due to BPH, the sufferer will be prescribed antibiotics to clear the infection. After the infection is cleared up, the BPH may be treated to help prevent further infections.

There are numerous options when it comes to treating BPH, including surgery, medications and minimal invasive therapies. The two most common types of medications used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia are 5-alpha reductase inhibitors and alpha-adrenergic receptor blockers. Both of these prevent the prostate gland from further enlarging and may help shrink the prostate in certain patients.

In addition to medication, there are several minimally invasive procedures that can treat an enlarged prostate. These include high-intensity focused ultrasound, transurethral needle ablation, water-induced thermotherapy and transurethral microwave procedures.

Surgery may be recommended if the prostate has become enlarged. There are several surgical options often used to treat BPH. These include laser surgery, transurethral surgery, interstitial laser coagulation, open surgery and photoselective vaporization of the prostate, also known as PVP.

BPH can be treated if it is detected early. If BPH is left untreated, it can lead to more serious complications. For this reason, it is imperative that you visit your physician if you are experiencing any signs or symptoms of a urinary problem. Your physician will run a variety of tests to get a proper diagnosis. The signs and symptoms discussed in this article usually are indicative of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia; however, the symptoms can also be caused by a more serious medical condition that may require immediate medical treatment.

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A pest infestationIn ideal situations, we wouldn’t have rats, insects and other types of pests living with us in our homes or living in our businesses. The truth is that pests are common. When pests get inside your property, it can be difficult getting rid of them and your health, comfort and property can be negatively affected by their presence. You want to take care of pests as soon as possible because the problem will only get worse. One of the best ways to get rid of pests is by using chemicals or humane methods as offered by pest control South London companies.

However, using chemicals has been proven to be dangerous, and research has revealed that the chemical agents found in pesticides can be lethal to humans, and this also goes for other types of synthetic materials used in pest control. The risks are even higher for animals and kids, and if kids and/or animals life in your home, then you should consider what your options are because you don’t want to put them at risk. The good news is there are various pest removal methods that are organic and a much safer option to go with and this is thanks to advancements in research.

Organic rat controlPest control methods that are considered to be organic uses various mechanisms that are natural, and this includes parasitism, predation and herbivory, which can control and kill various types of pests, such as mites and insects, weeds and aphids. Organic pest control has grown in popularity. Plus, let’s not forget to mentioned that the natural enemies of insect pests include pathogens, parasitoids and predators, and those things considered to be biological log control agents, and they can help get rid of pests.

Chemical pesticides have been linked to various issues such as nerve damage, birth defects and and various types of cancer, as well as other types of medical complications. These dangers are a few reasons why you should consider using organic pest control to get rid of pests, and this involves three steps. First, pest repellents are used in the affected area and the encouragement of pest reducing insects are used and organic pesticides that are not toxic are used to get rid of pests.

Various mixtures of substances, gases in plants, odor molecules and oils are used to create organic pest control brews. Some substances such as garlic, fish and tomatoes are used to get rid of pests that are known to cause damage to plants, and if soft-bodied pests are present on the property, then mineral oils, cottonseed oils and other types of vegetable oils may be used. Other things that may be used include fumes from chili, heat and salt, as this can deter, burn and kill various types of pests.

Organic pest control Bromley is great because it is a less harmful way of getting rid of pests and many organic pest control methods are easy to understand and easy to implement. You can also use traps, which can manage a pest infestation. However, you can also contact a company and find out if they offer organic services and then you can hire them to get rid of any pests that are present in your home or business.

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legal adviceIf you happen to end up in a legal jam, or need assistance with a legal matter, then hiring family law solicitors Leicester who can guide you through the entire process is most likely to be the best solution for you. Even some legal issues that might appear to be quite straight forward might end up with implications that are wide reaching. Only an individual who has been trained in dealing with these kinds of situations within a professional context will be able to provide you with solid advice on how they need to be dealt with. Since you might find yourself in many different legal problems, there could be as many various kinds of solicitors for them. There will be specialist solicitors with expertise in specific areas, yet not have extensive training in other areas. The following are some of the basics regarding the different kinds of solicitors.

There are numerous every day situations where advice is needed from somebody such as who are knowledgeable about the law. For example, the basic act of purchasing property requires the help of a solicitor in order for things to go smoothly. If you end up with a traffic violation where you don’t think it was your fault, you may want to consult with somebody about what should be done next. A solicitor’s help is also required for property suits.

High Street Solicitors

After you first realize you need some legal assistance, most likely you will be consulting with a high street solicitor. They are generalist solicitors with training in various aspects of the law. They can help you direct or might recommend a specialist to you.

Property Solicitors

conveyancingA conveyancing solicitor or property solicitor is the individual you will need if you are making an offer on a house or flat. This individual can ensure that everything happens legally, and you end up receiving the property you want. Your property solicitor will also help you make things go more easily and quickly.

Divorce Solicitors

While everybody would like to believe their marriage will last forever, frequently it won’t. Whenever a divorce is necessary, you will to get in touch with a divorce solicitor for assistance. The person will be able toe help you work out your important legal matters, divide property up and obtain a settlement that is fair.

Injury Solicitors

If you were injured as part of a situation where you were not at fault, and want to seek compensation, speaking with an injury solicitor can be quite helpful. You will be able to get advice on what needs to be done, and file a suit against a company or individual who is responsible for your injuries.

Tax Solicitors

commercial solicitorThis kind of solicitor is one that business owners are familiar with. They help you with dealing with your taxes. They all know all about the complicated UK tax system. Get in touch with a tax solicitor if you would like to stand on the Inland Revenue’s good side.

Commercial Solicitors

This is another type of solicitor that relates to business. Commercial solicitors specialise in contract arrangements, business disputes and other legal matters that are similar. Individuals who would like to start a business but who are unsure of which legal papers they need to file, those needing to dispute another business’s actions, and individuals needing to draw a contract up all can use a commercial solicitor.

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Lockpicking at workRight when our world first began, man has been busy creating his very own storage areas, safe spaces,  homes and other spaces. Why the need arose for spaces distinct in function and structure is fairly obvious. However, let’s take a look at two of them for obvious reasons. The first was needing to have dedicated spaces to perform dedicated activities in, to avoid unpleasant situations, emotions or clutter. The second was having higher safety needs because of areas that were open, where weather as well as other factors could end up ruining ones warmth and shelter. Those two reasons, in fact, were mainly responsible for locks being invented and eventually for the need of having a locksmith.

In a technical sense, locksmiths are individuals who work with locks. The usual undertaking of a locksmith is to break locks and helping homeowners find ways of entering their homes, cars and business premises where their keys have been lost or stolen. However, locksmiths do more than just break locks as you can see here at Their services have been extended to include a wide range of different activities, including making new locks and keys, repairing  old locks and also helping to increase the security of doors and windows. Locksmiths can be of immense value when you cannot get into your home or car.

At times it can be a difficult experience finding the right locksmith. However, technology has paved the way for providing easy access for everything, so finding a professional locksmith is a relatively easy task. To find a locksmith all you need to do is log into the Internet and then conduct a search in Google or your favourite search engine. With a click of the mouse you can easily find a locksmith. Locksmiths are rare artists with insight into the function and nature of a locks mechanism. Locksmiths perform various kinds of locksmith services and some will specialise in certain areas such as commercial, residential or even cars.

The main reason for calling upon a locksmith these days is to upgrade or assess the security of one’s workplace or home. Today, businesses make sure they have a couple of different locksmiths on their supplier list to ensure they get the best local deals as well as having backup options. Locksmiths that are hired by companies are usually are trained in modern techniques and are familiar with sophisticated security and door access systems. In some cases, advanced, computer based security systems can malfunction, giving the locksmith another service to become a specialist in.

The leading locksmith offers their services as a package deal that includes auditing your home or businesses security, checking or installing equipment like CCTV recording systems, security cameras, radars and sensors. Of course older existing systems need to be maintained, updated and upgraded. A professional locksmith will offer tips and advice on all aspects of home or business security.

fingerprint scannerToday’s locksmiths are well equipped for handling advanced security systems such as biometric fingerprint scanners, bio and voice identification security systems, id cards, flash security and key cards. The locksmith industry continues to expand very rapidly. This has expanded the locksmith market giving rise to many smaller areas of speciality. These include security engineering experts, car security specialists and many other specialisations.

When it comes to locksmiths, the best thing about them is how much dedication they have as well as out of the box thinking that is characteristic of that rare skill that people have who are not only locksmiths and not just a white collar professional. Given the standards that locksmiths are currently setting both here and all over the world, we now have a better understanding of the fact that locksmiths don’t just break locks these days, but they are also professionals who secure various places and do with a great deal of reliability and trustworthiness. So the next time somebody says that a locksmith is only a lock breaker make sure to tell them why this is definitely not the case.

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worn brake padsBrake failure is a big cause of many a road accident. This is the reason that ensuring that the brakes on your personal vehicle are in the best working order as possible. It may seem daunting to consider looking after your brakes yourself, but it may boost your confidence to know that the brakes are probably the most crucial safety aspect of any vehicle, be that a car, van, bus or lorry.

Even your average motorist who has minimal mechanical knowledge, can by following some easy guidelines, simply detect well working brakes as well as those that are failing and on there way out. You can find out more about brake repairs at This does not mean that if you have a problem with your brakes that you should try to repair them yourself, this is a job that should be performed by a skilled and qualified mechanic who can make sure the brakes are repaired or replaced safely.

In this article we will highlight four tell take signs that could indicate that your brakes may need to be repaired or changed.

When you apply the pressure on the brakes you hear a loud screeching sound then immediately get it checked by your mechanic. The noise being emitted is an indicator of metal making contact with metal and this can be due to the brake pads being worn out or in a very bad condition.

If your car is not stopping or taking too long to stop when you apply pressure on the brakes then not only is this a dangerous condition to be driving in but if an accident were to occur you would be responsible. Do not wait to get this brake problem fixed.

If when coming to a halt you feel the steering wheel jolt in your hands this could be an indicator of a brake problem. Neglect or simple wear and tear over time, brake parts can become worn or disfigured and that jolting you feel means you need to get it checked right away.

What your car is telling youIf you notice that after stopping your vehicle your wheels seem to smoke then this is yet another sign to seek professional help on the matter. There is no reason to wait, this is something that must be seen and repaired by a reputable garage such as Avondale Motor Engineers Ltd in Kettering immediately.

Keep in mind that as we mentioned before this is not something you should attempt to fix on your own and toying with your brakes in an attempt to save money is not a good idea. Proper repairs and maintenance of your vehicle should be performed only by a qualified mechanic, this is the only way that the safety of yourself, your passengers and other drivers can be ensured.

Another thing that a qualified mechanic will be able to do is to replace parts from your cars official supply shop. Especially when it comes to the more modern vehicle whose brake systems can be quite complex and only those familiar with their workings should be allowed to repair or replacement. Doing this can avoid serious problems later on.

In summary it is important to have your brakes checked immediately if it seems that something is not right. If your brakes are not in top condition you are not only putting your life in danger but also the lives of your passengers and any other drivers on the road, remember safety first.

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GAAPAs someone operating a business in Manchester, either as a limited company or sole trader, you will most likely require financial services that are offered by a local, reputable accounting firm.  The services that an independent accountant provide will differ in several respects from what you would receive from an accountant who was an employee of yours.  In this article, we will be discussing several of the services that you might want to hire an accounting firm to perform for your Manchester based business.

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping involves recording your daily business transactions.   All of the following will need to be recorded in your accounting records:-

– Expense receipts
– Purchase invoices
– Credit notes issued and received
– Sales invoices
– Cash received from sales and debts
– Delivery notes

Your “books” these days are usually in the form of a software package, and the records will be entered using the basic double entry system along with other fundamental accounting principles.

Many small businesses and a majority of medium and large businesses handle their bookkeeping internally by having employees to do this work.  However, for a Manchester based small business or sole trader, using one of the many independent accountants Manchester to fulfill this function can be very convenient.  An independent accountant can free up your time so that the business can focus on its core activities.  Your accounting records will also be managed more efficiently

Management Accounts

Usually, these are generated by extracting information from the accounting records that the bookkeeping process produces.  Usually, management accounts are needed by management to have a financial overview of how the business has performed over a certain period.  Standard management accounts are usually performed on an annual, quarterly and monthly basis.  Management usually receives a Profit and Loss statement, balance sheet and perhaps profitability ratios and budget reports if there has been a budget setup before or within the accounting period.

Financial Accounts

A Company’s financial accounts must be in compliance with all applicable laws, particularly the 2006 companies act.  One of the most important Companies Act requirements is that a company’s accounts must follow GAAP or accepted accounting practices.  The accountant that is hired by the company will prepare the accounts following GAAP or advise the directors on how to prepare the accounts so that they are in compliance.  The specific services provided would, of course, depend on what has been agreed upon in the services contract that both parties have signed.  No matter who prepares the accounts, it is the company directors who are ultimately responsible for them.  The financial accounts are reviewed by shareholders, management, creditors and bankers, potential investors and other third parties who have an interest in the company.  The financial accounts also get submitted to the proper companies tax offices.  In the United Kingdom, it is the companies house, which is a governmental agency that monitors and controls UK incorporated businesses.  Accounts that have been submitted to the companies house can be viewed by the public.  The accounts of partnerships and sole traders are not covered by the companies act.  However, for tax returns they would be used.


An audit report is required for certain company classes, depending on the industry and size of the firm.  The company must meet certain audit criteria for that year in addition to any ancillary years that the secretary of state determines.  An audit report essentially requires an opinion to be expressed by the reporting accountant as to whether or not the company accounts represent a “true and fair view” of the company’s affairs.  It is beyond the scope of this or any other article to provide a detailed discussion of what is considered to be among the most contentious document in today’s business world.

VAT, Personal Tax, Corporation Tax

Each year a company must pay the corporation tax.  Handling the tax matters of a company is among the most important services that an independent accounting firm can offer.  Personal taxes are taxes that must be paid by individuals on their income.  Accounting firms like can manage the tax affairs of both individuals and companies.  Usually value added tax (VAT) is managed as part of a company’s regular bookkeeping procedures.  When the bookkeeper is an external accountant, they handle the management of VAT for the company.

Company Secretarial

Several statutory matters are required to be executed every year as part of operating an incorporated business.  These include directors meetings, general meetings, submitting company accounts, submitting other documents like the annual return, registered trading address notification and appointment of directors.  An accountant usually handles these company secretarial duties for smaller businesses.

Accounting firms can offer several other services, including general financial advice, corporate finance, and management consultancy, and others as well.  When it comes to running a business, you will reach a point when you know you need some professional business advice.  When considering who to call, one of the top priorities on your list should be to get in touch with a qualified and experienced small business accountants Manchester.

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There are many businesses in Leicester that really do not see the true value of search engine marketing, specifically SEO. It matter not what country or city your business is in. Chances are there are customers searching Google wanting to find you. Are they finding your business or your competitors?

Traditionally website developers advertise and offer SEO services. From my findings most do not offer a service that will actually get you results. What most of them should be offering is – building a website that is search engine friendly. This is a lot different than improving your visibility in Google but having your website appear high on page one when a potential customer searches for you.

Another issue that I have witnessed is that many local agencies really do not understand how to implement a successful campaign. The problem here is that Google can actually penalise websites if they detect abnormal activity. These penalties differ, some your search term positions will drop dramatically and not come back until the abnormal activity has been corrected, on other occasions your webpages could be de-indexed – basically banned from Googles search engine.

With these issues, how do you know which search marketing company to invest your money in?

Business owners are busy, most web designers don’t have the expertise. So what to do?

One test I always like to do, is to search for seo services in your area. For example got to uk and type in “Surrey SEO services” and see what come up. Look at how many SEO companies are using Googles paid advertising to appear on page one instead of using SEO to get there. That is a sure sign of the companies to start evaluating. The seo companies that appear on the first page in the organic search results have got there from using their SEO skills.

Now you can start evaluating these 10 or so companies. Look for past results. See if they have worked with a business similar to you. If they have managed to improve the visibility of a similar business then they should be able to do the same for you.

Do they offer “cookie cutter” style packages or do they provide bespoke pricing upon understanding your business objectives better?

What about guarantee’s? Are they willing to stand by their results? You are better off going with someone who can.

Many of the local agencies will use experts from SEO Leicester UK and put a percentage fee on top. If you look carefully you can find seo experts that actually work behind the scenes for these agencies.

The advantage if using these consultants is that you can pick up the phone and talk to the person who is actually doing the work with your website without having to go through layers of account management.

SEO consultants are usually very knowledgeable in their profession and should stay up to date with all of the changes in search engines technology.

Another great question to ask is have they ever successfully brought a penalised website back to life? This will give you a great idea of their experience and knowledge within their field.

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